Five Simple Ways To Help Your Remote Team Feel Connected

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Despite the belief that remote employees slack off, research shows they work two extra hours a week since moving remote during the pandemic. Managers rely on collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams to manage remote employees from afar. Yet to succeed, the platform must be accompanied by the right strategies. While remote employees often enjoy a significant degree of autonomy, they still need guidance — and they want to know that their managers have their back. This is best accomplished by providing regular feedback, including not only plenty of compliments, but also, constructive criticism to help them improve over time. Goat yoga, backyard barbecues and end-of-year feasts were popular in-person events that our team had enjoyed, so the bar was set high to offer a similar experience virtually.
How to find a remote team
To boost motivation and engage your remote employees, it’s vital to establish team norms that dictate how they should interact and collaborate. If you aren’t getting much feedback, consider an anonymous option where employees can be a bit more candid without fear of repercussion. Remote management and work doesn’t come naturally for everyone. It can be hard to learn how to collaborate virtually and create healthy boundaries.


Getting your team comfortable with virtual socializing is one of the most important things you can do to help your remote team be successful. We all need connection, and your team will look to you for permission and inspiration here. Research has proven that remote workers tend to be more productive, despite the lure of Netflix and laundry. But a key to productivity for any team, remote or co-located, is a manager that can properly protect and prioritize the work that comes to the team. When requests start sliding into DMs unfiltered and the stress builds up, it can be easy to miss the signs as a remote manager. You’ll know your team is thriving because… they’ll be confident about how to use your team’s tool stack to communicate, collaborate, and provide status updates.
How to find a remote team
This will help in building positive relationships with employees making sure nothing is too hard for anyone. When asking your employees about work update, do not forget to say hi, how they are doing. Do not communicate as if you are talking to robots, they are humans, talk to them like humans and try to build a team. Keep the energy high and have big discussions around that would be difficult to do with employees working in different parts of the countries. One of the other greatest challenges in managing employees from various countries where people have a different attitude towards careers, and families  differ in boundaries.

Improve your productivity automatically. Use Zapier to get your apps working together.

Whether your team prefers white elephant style or something more thoughtful, you can pull off a gift exchange even if you’re not at an offsite. Start by copying this handy Trello board template and inviting your teammates to join. It has full instructions in the “Rules” column, but here’s the gist. Instead of announcing what the gift is, you’ll add a card to the board with a picture and title that provides a hint. Previously, we had candidates meet the team with a short lightning talk on a topic of their choice.
How to find a remote team
The newsletter is sent on Friday afternoons, offering an inspiring recap of the week so that employees can head into the weekend with a good feeling about all that the team accomplished that week. Finding ways to recognize and celebrate accomplishments is even more important when your remote staff may feel disconnected from the larger group. A simple strategy that is highly effective is the shout-out to a team member over a virtual platform.

As a remote team, communication is often asynchronous, so it’s important to create one spot where everyone can easily get on the same page about the health and status of a recruitment process. Talentwall also tracks what happened or will happen with candidate pipelines. This frees up valuable meeting time with hiring teams to focus ahead on challenges and strategy, rather than recapping the past. When managing remote teams, defining clear expectations will help you to maintain alignment, from availability and deadlines to target performance. For example, instead of simply setting a high priority for a project deadline, give the exact date for when you want it to be done.

Unexpected problems related to project, or a teammate or how the work is being done are common in every business. Still, many companies are going through thick and thin to successfully run around as remote working companies. Companies like Aha, NationBuilder, Automatic Buffer and many more are successfully working as 100% remote companies.
How to find a remote team
Give them one day in a week for one-on-one to discuss their issues and you can give them your instructions. This will cover various important topics of discussion because of not being merely present in the office. There is a lot of difference when the teams are sitting right in front of the office and when they are working outside of an office.

  • Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, organizations around the world are advising workers to telecommute to adhere to social distancing guidelines and limit the spread of disease.
  • Many remote working teams come across a setback in communication when working on projects.
  • She loves to share her knowledge with others so that they can be successful in their online endeavors.
  • Your employees inevitably will run into remote roadblocks that make their work more difficult.

Still, be mindful that some tasks are more easily completed on a solo basis and that some employees may prefer a greater share of tasks to be allocated individually. Create a calendar of team events to make sure you connect virtually on a regular basis. When bringing the whole team together, it is important to hear from employees who rarely get the how to hire a remote team floor, including emerging leaders. Make sure everyone has facetime in front of the entire team to help them feel seen and recognized. A copywriter by trade, she spent the last ten years in startups, telling stories and building marketing teams. She works at Toggl Hire and writes about how businesses can recruit really great people.

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